Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tool #10

1. Students should understand not to steal stuff from other internet sources and claim it as their own.  If they do refer to other sources, they must be properly documented and sourced.  Also, digital citizenship should be about acceptance and cooperation.  There is no place for online bullying.  \

2. CommonSense.  A tour of CommonSense with the students would be a great place to begin the discussion about digital citizenship and proper internet etiquette.

3. The tour of CommonSense is a good place to start the teaching process.  Also, making sure that the students understand that the internet is still a personal forum like the classroom or the lunchroom or any other social gathering place.  Just because you cannot see the person with whom who you are interacting does not mean that they were not a person and do not have feelings.

4. A letter home to parents about my policy on digital citizenship that is signed by both the parents and the students to indicate that they received the information and policy and agree to abide by it.

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